Basic Installation

How to install a Standard U-Band/Ball Socket Lift Support

How to Install a Claw Style Lift Support

How to Measure a Lift Support.

How to Remove the Wire Clip from the Ball Socket.

Should my Support be installed "Shaft Up" or "Shaft Down"

My Supports are a bit longer then the OEM supports.

My Support is frozen or stuck in the open position.

My Support arrived with the ball socket misaligned from the ball stud, did I receive two for the same side?


General Lift Support FAQ

My Supports work Great in the Summer but are slowly losing their power

How can a designer ensure the longest life for a Lift Support in an application?

What is the expected life of a Lift Support?

How does Temperature Effect Lift Supports?

What are the different end types for lift supports?



How to properly install the bracket on an 1996-1998 Acura RT or TL Hood Support Strong Arm 4146



How to Install BMW Seat Adjusters



I received my lift supports for my 1992-2000 Astro van, but one end is threaded. My existing supports are snap in.



Chrysler Hood Support Installation Picture Strong Arm 6303



My EZDown keeps getting stuck on the cable when I try to close the tailgate.



I Have a F150 pick up, or Expedition and my supports aren't holding up the hood.



How to Install the FX35 and FX45 Hatch Struts?



How to install Mazda RX7 Convertible 1987 to 1991 trunk Support bracket.

How to install 6113L and 6113R Rear Hatch Supports on your Mazda MPV

How to Remove and re-install the wire harness on a Mazda 1991 to 1991 RX7 Hatchback.



I have a NX Series Nissan 1991 to 1993 NX100, NX1600 NX2000, Also the 1970 to 1973 Nissan 240Z and the support you sent is missing the bracket, how do I install this. Part number 4510

Which direction should the bracket be mounted on my 350Z when installing the hatch lift support



Installing Pontiac G6 Convertible Trunk Supports



How do I install my Suzuki Aerio Lift Supports, they are missing the brackets.


How to install Subaru SVX Hood Lift Supports


The original ball Stud won't come off my Car.

I have a 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 or 2005 Toyota Celica, and need information on how to install the supports part numbers 6146L-R, 6509L-R, 6191L-R

I installed the supports on my Toyota Celica, but they won't hold my hatch up.

How to remove Brackets from Toyora Highlander Liftgate Lift Support.



Bracket To Ball Stud Conversions

1965 Nova Hood Supports

Tear Drop Trailer


Custom Projects:  These projects we have worked on and have compiled the information to the best of our knowledge based off what was provided to us. These may be used for reference, however the information may be different for your application. This is a guide only, and information listed in the following links should be used for educational and informational purposes. Improper use and configuration may cause harm.  

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