10mm Ball Sockets

Lift supports are used to support hoods, tailgates, hatches, trucks, and rear windows in automotive applications. They are also used in many automotive applications. To ensure proper installation of lift supports, having the right replacement hardware such ball sockets is crucial to ensure the smooth operation and long-lasting performance of your lift supports.

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Lift Supports Depot brings you over 6000 products to choose from so you can find the exact part you need for your replacement lift support needs. We have the best-selling products and types of ball sockets available, including 8mm ball sockets, 10mm ball sockets, 13mm ball sockets, nylon end fittings, and stainless steel ball sockets to choose from.

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Narrow down your search to find the specific product that works best for your application by using our custom search database. Search by year, make, model, trim, size, style, part number, and other specifications to find what you’re looking for at our web-based lift support business.

We offer one-on-one personal service over the phone to address your questions about our products. With over 15 years of lift support data, we can match you with the exact fitting you need for gas strut installation. Our lift support fittings guarantee excellent quality, easy installation, and direct fitting.

Get started by shopping for ball sockets at Lift Supports Depot. Call us now.

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