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  • TearDrop Trailer

    Below are a few images of a TearDrop Trailer we assisted in finding the correct supports for.  With this application SE244p120 .


  • Installation of Toyota SG329900EZ Down

    Please click below to enlarge.

    EZDown SG329900 EZ Front

    Please click below to enlarge.

    SG329900EZ back

  • Subaru SVX Struts, lift support Hood Kit

    Before starting we suggest that you take a close up picture of how the bracket is mounted.  It may come in handy later.

    On the lift support shaft end using a drill bit 3/16" or 13/64" and drill into the existing rivet.  Drill only a small amount until the head of the rivet starts to come apart from the body.

    Make note of the side that the old rivet and place the new ball stud so that it is pointing in the correct direction.  Attach the nut to the ball stud and tighten.

    On the Body side there is a new ball stud provided, you will need to remove the existing ball stud from the vehicle and then insert the new one.

    Align the new support to the new ball studs.  Make sure that the orientation is such that the shaft attaches to the lower bracket.  Gently push the lift support ball socket ends over the new ball studs.   Once on give a slight outward tug to make sure that the support is securely attached to the vehicle.

    That's it, now time to close the hood and take your Subaru SVX out for a ride.

    Please let me know how we can make these directions easier or better, your comments are greatly appreciated.

  • 2008 to 2013 Toyota Highlander Liftgate Supports

    For the 2008 to 2013 Toyota Highlander Liftgate Supports

    During this period Toyota had supports manufacture in Japan from a company called Showa, and also the USA from Stabilus.  The supports that were made in Japan were supplied with the end brackets permanently crimped on so as not to allow removal.  The Stabilus supports have a U shaped metal band on the end and they do release.

    Do to the high cost of the end brackets and also the confusion as to where they were built we offer the supports as stand alone and also a bracket kit as an optional purchase.  Kit PM0005, please click here to order.

    Removal of the brackets from the permanently crimped ends requires cutting the actual ball socket in half using a Dremel, hacksaw or cutting wheel.  Once the end has been removed you will have a 10mm ball stud that will attach to the new supports.

    Please review the pictures below as a sample of what needs to be done to reuse the old end brackets ( this is a sample only your brackets are a different design)

    Information below was provided by one of our customers who has an infiniti fx45 which has the same issues as the Highlander.  Pictures below are a reference only and are not from the Highlander.  We would welcome any input, pictures etc from your experiences with this model.

    I used a cut-off tool to split the socket. The socket material was fairly thick and tougher than I expected, although it cut easily. It had to be cut substantially through and all the way around the socket before it would break away. The trick was to cut almost through without scaring the ball. Since the strut will be discarded, I just clamped down tight with the vise. All we’re trying to save is the bracket and the ball. Note some have simply ground down the ball socket using a bench grinder. Eye Protection is a must when doing this.

    In this photo you can see the cut is broken through in several places. I used a cold chisel and hammer to crack away half of the socket.

    In this photo the socket is cracked away and the instruments of persuasion are visible.

    I used a piece of plastic pipe to hold the lid up. Before the RH strut was removed I clamped a Vise Grip pliers on the old strut cylinder to support the lid as well. After the second strut was removed, we depended on the new strut (no vise grips of course) and the plastic pipe. The lid is very heavy and would do serious damage to your head and neck if it fell please make sure your prop is well in place!

    I connected the cylinder end of the strut to the bracket and then bolted the bracket to the body.  I bolted the lid bracket to the lid. Then I pushed up on the lid and slipped the piston end socket onto the lid ball.

    The hatch opens and closes perfectly. It opens firmly; the struts ease it up so it doesn’t slam to the limit. It takes a strong but reasonable pull to bring it back down. The over-center design lets it close firmly but gently.
    It took me less than two hours to complete the job including time for photography.
  • Shelby Show Pictures

  • Installing your Hood Lift Supports

    Installing your hood lift supports- You need  2 people to do the installation, 1 to hold the hood open, the other to remove the support.

    The ball stud is permanently attached to the support (new ones are inside the package). Unscrew the threaded ball stud that is attaching the support to the car, best to do the one on the hood first and the body second.  If the studs do not want to come off the car you may need to add some penetrating oil.

    Note to make sure you are installing the support in the same direction as the old ones.  Do one at a time for best results.

    Screw in the new ball studs that are provided.

    Placing the ball socket end of the support over the new ball stud and give a gentle push.  This should lock it onto the ball stud.  Give a gentle pull to make sure that it is on the ball stud all of the way.

    Hopefully this will be helpful, please send us any details that you think we may have missed.

    This apply to the Strong Arm Supports 6301, 4201, and 6317.

  • My DeLorean won't stay open with the new lift supports.

    The DeLorean doors have lift supports, Strong Arm 4107, on them as well as a torsion bar to open and hold the doors open.  The torsion bars are primarily there to open the door and the lift support is there to hold the door open.  In 99% of the issues with vehicle customers complain about the supports and then after replacing them find that they did not take care of the issue.  What we keep finding is that the torsion bar needs to be adjusted.  At least that is what we have heard from many DeLorean owners.   Please feel free to let us know your thoughts on this topic.

    Below is a link to a few articles on the door area, Lift Supports and Torsion bar.

  • Pontiac G6 Convertible Trunk Supports

    Just got the Pontiac G6 convertible trunk lifts installed, Using Lift Supports Depot PM1028 and these are fantastic. I've put together my install notes for future customers: -For better access to the driver's side trunk lift, unscrew the radio antenna and set aside.

    -Don't worry, the replacement lifts have clips that are much easier to install than the factory clips are to remove (which was best done using a tiny, flat-head screwdriver with a long shaft and some patience).

    -It is definitely difficult to pop the forward ball joints onto the mounting studs because of the tight clearance around the hinges (see attached photo), but it doesn't hurt to use something flat and solid for leverage (such as a steel file wrapped in a shop towel to protect your car).

    -The replacement lifts are secured with small pins that swivel into place after being threaded through two holes in each ball joint. Again, because of the tight clearances in this area, a pair of needle-nose pliers is very handy for grasping the pins as you thread them and push into place.

    -Finally, be aware that these lifts come pre-treated with a lovely red grease that scared the ..... out of me when I withdrew my arms from the tight, metal hinge works and saw my fingers and wrists running crimson. No bandages needed though. Shop towel cleans it up nicely.G6InstallImage

  • Helpful hint with 4Runner Liftgate Supports

    4Runner Liftgate Supports - Today I had the pleasure of installing liftgate supports (some call them the hatch, Tailgate or Trunk supports) on a Toyota 4 Runner, we were installing the Strong Arm 6107 supports but this information will be helpful with the Lift Supports Depot PM1030 as well.

    After removing the first one the hard way I found that it was easier to remove the top 2 bolts first and then drop the lift support so that it is hanging down by the lower ball stud.  This gives you much more room to get a wrench onto the lower ball stud which needs to be replaced (and is provided).

    In the event that the lower stud will not come off it is due to the assembly glue that is used by Toyota.  Heating it up will loosed it up, but be careful and shield the lower lens for the rear lights that is plastic.

    Tools used

    12mm wrench for the old ball socket and 4 bolts 7/16 to install the new ball socket

  • Welcome to the Lift Supports Depot Blog

    After being in the retail auto parts business over the past 40 years we have branched off and opened a family operated web based support lift and specialty automotive business. We have developed this site to make purchasing our product both easy and reasonable priced. Shop and compare, you will find that our prices are much lower then the "big retailers" and our service just can't be beat.

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