Toyota Matrix Lift Supports

The Toyota Matrix (also called the Toyota Corolla Matrix) was a sporty hatchback produced in the United States from 2003-2013. Although they were only sold for a short time, they still have a number of fans who carefully maintain these zippy vehicles.

Do you have Toyota Matrix struts that aren’t operating up to spec? Don’t worry, even though your vehicle is no longer in production, Lift Supports Depot has the supplies you need to keep your hatchback or hood in prime operating condition.

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We Carry the Lift Supports You Need

Lift supports keep your vehicle's trunk and hood firmly in place when opened. They’re important for both safety and performance. We carry aftermarket Toyota Matrix strut replacements for a number of configurations, including:

  • Standard
  • XR
  • XRS
  • M-Theory

We have over 15 years of vehicle specs and data at our fingertips, making sure that we match your vehicle with the exact lift support you need.

Lift Supports Depot Has Your Back

Although we’re a family-owned company, we pride ourselves on carrying a wide selection of lift supports. While most auto part stores carry about 100 struts at any given time, we carry over 6,000! When you add in our friendly customer service and lifetime limited warranties on select lift supports, there’s no need to shop anywhere else.

If you have questions about our Toyota Matrix struts, we’d be glad to help. Contact us today!