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Chevy Strut Replacement

Since debuting in 1911, Chevy has grown into an icon of the U.S. auto industry. Over the decades, Chevy’s automobiles have evolved to offer a wide range of modern features. Even so, many drivers decide to install aftermarket auto parts to improve on what the auto manufacturer already did.

If you need to customize your Chevy with new gas struts (a.k.a. “lift supports”) that support the opening and closing motion of your vehicle’s liftgates — such as the tailgate, hood, or hatchback — Lift Supports Depot has the aftermarket parts you need.

Made for Different Vehicles

All Chevy gas struts for liftgates serve the same purpose: They facilitate the smooth opening and closing of liftgates and keep them in place when fully extended. However, the model you own determines the strut design you need. We have struts for many Chevy vehicles, including:

  • Chevy Malibu

  • Chevy Trailblazer

  • Chevy Silverado

  • Chevy Camaro

  • Chevy Equinox

  • Chevy Camaro

  • Chevy Corvette

  • Chevy Impala

In addition to offering enhanced strut performance that doesn’t come standard from the automaker, our Chevy strut replacements work great for replacing gas struts that have lost their seal and no longer offer the pressurized resistance to support proper liftgate operation.

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If you need aftermarket Chevy gas struts, shopping at Lift Supports Depot brings several advantages. We provide highly personalized service, offer a lifetime parts warranty, and we can also order your components that aren’t currently in our inventory. For questions about our Chevy strut replacement options or help with placing your order, please contact us today.