Smart Lift Supports

“Smart cars” were all the rage in Europe in the late ’90s, but they didn’t come to American shores domestically until 2008. A micro-car with a niche market, Smart has not yet gained a foothold here in the United States as it has in European markets.

Because of its smaller market share, finding Smart car struts and lift supports can be difficult at your local auto parts store. However, we carry several Smart car gas springs conveniently in stock here at Lift Supports Depot.

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Smart Car Gas Struts In Stock

Lift supports (also called gas struts) are parts of your vehicle that you don’t think much about—until they stop working properly. They hold your trunk, hood, or hatch firmly in place when open. When they stop working optimally, it can cause a host of problems.

Lift Supports Depot has several Smart car struts in stock for current and former models, including:

  • 450
  • Cabrio
  • City Coupe
  • Fortwo

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Finding Smart car gas springs at your local auto parts store will likely be impossible due to the limited stock of replacement parts most stores keep on hand. However, here at Lift Supports Depot, we can get you the parts you need quickly and easily. With over 6,000 parts in stock at any given time, we’re sure to have the replacement part you’re looking for.

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