Ford F-150 Lift Supports

With advanced safety features, the Ford F-150 is engineered for high performance and durability. Ford F-150 owners will know that their trucks are reliable and F-150 struts from Lift Supports Depot are no different. We stock over 6,000 parts from trusted manufacturers so you can find the ideal lift supports that fit your vehicle properly.

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Highly Durable Gas Springs

Gas springs from Lift Supports Depot are made with high-quality materials and they’re mechanically tested, enabling them to continue to be effective over time. These lift supports are engineered to have the same or better standards than the OEM parts. As a result, you can be certain that your new Ford F-150 lift supports will keep the liftgate, tailgate, hood, trunk, or hatch of your truck open securely when it’s needed.

Gas struts from Lift Supports Depot are also easy to install, making it convenient and affordable to replace your old lift supports. Just follow our basic installation guidelines and you’ll be able to replace your worn-out lift supports with new gas springs. It’s also worth noting that many of our auto parts are available with a 5-year limited warranty, so you can have peace of mind when you order gas springs from Lift Supports Depot.

Trust the Experts at Lift Supports Depot

At Lift Supports Depot, it’s easy to find the right F-150 struts for your vehicle simply by using the search tools option on our website. You can find Ford F-150 lift supports simply by entering the relevant information of your vehicle or contact us to find out which lift supports will fit your car properly.

Our team of experts at Lift Supports Depot has been supplying customers with durable gas springs for over 40 years. We source premium lift supports that will fit your truck or custom project perfectly, ensuring smooth and reliable functionality. Order now and get the highest quality lift supports at the most competitive prices.