Installation Tips For Chrysler Hood, Trunk, and Hatch Struts

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Like all hardware, Chrysler hood struts and other lift supports wear out with age, losing the ability to properly raise hoods, trunks, and gates. If allowed to deteriorate too far, they may no longer help you lift or can even bind while open, preventing you from easily operating your vehicle’s liftgates. Whether you need Chrysler Sebring strut repair parts or you’re trying to swap out the lift supports on your Voyager, we carry a full line of lift supports for Chrysler vehicles.

How to Install Chrysler Lift Supports Infographics

Engineered For Excellence

Chrysler cars, vans, and SUVs provide a luxurious ride, but if your Chrysler hood struts go out, it creates a nuisance that can significantly undermine the quality of your experience with the vehicle. We make lift support replacement easy, with high-quality parts and expert instructions that anyone can follow. This includes both general installation instructions and our most frequent questions over our decades of experience, such as:

Each of our struts is made of premium materials and comes with a 5 year warranty against defects.

The Parts You Need

Start your Chrysler Sebring strut repair off right by making sure you have the right parts and knowledge. If you have any questions, call our customer service team at 866-969-5438 for more details. Order your Chrysler hood and trunk struts online from Lift Supports Depot today.