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Aftermarket BMW Gas Struts

BMW is an iconic luxury vehicle brand. For decades, the automaker has offered a variety of models that come with innovative technology and a wide range of standard, premium parts. However, for BMW enthusiasts, not all of the parts may offer exactly what is desired.

For example, standard BMW gas struts (a.k.a. “liftgate struts”) that control the range the motion of liftgates, such as hoods and hatchbacks, may not allow the gates to create a large enough opening for your needs. Gas struts from Lift Supports Depot offer a solution.


Made for Many BMW Models        

We offer aftermarket BMW gas struts that are made for many BMWs, spanning several years. You can get the parts you need for a BMW strut replacement for these vehicles, among others:

  • BMW 3 Series

  • BMW X5

  • BMW 5 series

  • BMW X6

  • BMW i8

  • BMW 7 series

  • BMW 316D

  • BMW X4

In addition to serving as premium upgrades that offer more functionality than factory options, struts we supply work great for replacing factory struts have lost their seal, allowing their pressurized gas to escape instead of offering mechanical resistance for smooth liftgate operation.

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Aftermarket BMW gas struts can be acquired from several sources, but getting your BMW strut replacement options from Lift Supports Depot offers four key advantages: an unparalleled parts selection for a wide range of BMWs, a lifetime parts warranty, 1-on-1 service, and the opportunity to order parts, not in our current selection. For questions about our struts or help with completing your order, please contact us today for assistance.