DeLorean Lift Supports

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Dealing with droopy or sagging doors in your classic DeLorean? You can replace those door struts! If you’re searching for DeLorean lift supports for your wing doors and other lift support needs, you can be sure of finding the best quality at Lift Supports Depot. Don’t settle for anything less than our range of Stabilus brand door struts, specifically made for DeLorean cars. These door struts are the perfect solution for quick and easy door opening. 

Superior Lift Support Solutions

Whether you want lift supports for your DeLorean doors, luggage compartments, or louver, we bring you the largest selection of automotive lift supports that are custom engineered to meet and exceed the latest industry standards.  This ensures smoother and reliable operation and long-lasting lift support performance. Lift supports should always be replaced in pairs to ensure safer, reliable support to your doors, hatch, hood or liftgate. 

Our DeLorean lift supports are the perfect solution for your replacement needs. 

  • Restore smooth and secure opening and closing of your wing car doors 

  • Exceptionally designed for durable performance

  • Precision-engineered for direct fitting, ensuring simple installation

  • No special tools needed for installation

  • Available in different mounting styles and sizes to offer the right fit

  • Consistent lifting force all-through

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Ready to buy your replacement lift supports? Order the Strong Arm 4107 Gas Charged Gullwing Door Lift Support or the Strong Arm 6147 Gas Charged Hood Lift Support for your Delorean DMC Base Coupe. Buy with confidence at our online store and enjoy our limited 5 year warranty. Shop at Lift Supports Depot and get quality you can always trust. 

Our DeLorean lift supports are ready to ship. Order now or contact us for any questions.