Toyota FJ Cruiser Lift Supports

Toyota FJ Cruiser Struts

Although the Toyota FJ Cruiser was a short-lived, mid-size SUV, it still has something of a cult following today. Its retro look immediately won over fans when it debuted as a concept car back in 2005. Although it was discontinued in the United States in 2014, you can still find FJ Cruisers roaming the road today.

If you’re looking to keep your FJ Cruiser in the best condition, you may need to replace FJ Cruiser lift supports at some point down the line. No matter if you’re replacing a faulty part or simply trying to improve your FJ Cruiser strut performance, Lift Supports Depot has you covered with the aftermarket parts you need.

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Any Strut, Any Edition

Lift support performance is important to ensure that your liftgate can raise and lower as it should. It’s a part you often don’t think about until it doesn’t work like it's supposed to. We carry a wide range of FJ Cruiser struts, including:

  • Trail Teams Special Edition
  • Trail Teams Ultimate Edition
  • ARB Edition FJ Crawler

With over 6,000 parts in stock at any given time, it’s likely we already have the exact aftermarket part you need. Plus, with our limited lifetime warranty on select products, you’ll have the confidence you need that your FJ Cruiser’s lift supports will work better than ever.

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For over 40 years, our family-owned company has been providing the parts and customer service needed to make important liftgate repairs. Have questions about our FJ Cruiser struts or how to install them? Contact our knowledgeable staff today so they can help!