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Welcome to our custom search page, where you can search for lift struts by size. If you’re not sure of the part number you need, this is a great way to find lift supports that meets your needs.

Refine your search by navigating through the tabs below to narrow down the perfect lift struts by size. You can select multiple filters simultaneously and redefine your search parameters at any time.

For more information on using the search options, measuring, or learning about the different types, check out our Lift Support Cheat Sheet

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Find the Right Parts for Your Lift Support Needs

Lift supports are helpful for more than just your vehicles and boats; there are many applications where lift supports can make life easier. For custom applications or replacing older parts, searching for lift struts by size will be the fastest way for you to find the parts you want.

At Lift Supports Depot, we stock more than 6,000 parts in our inventory (most big box stores rarely stock more than 100 parts), so we will likely have the lift support you need for your application. If you understand the type of lift support end you need, it will speed up your lift struts by size search.

We have more than 40 years of industry experience and more than 15 years of data to help you find the right parts for your lift support needs. We pride ourselves on personal, 1-on-1 service when you call with questions. Get in touch with us today for any help you might need!