Gas Strut Connectors

Gas struts play a vital role when it comes to supporting hoods, trunks, tailgates, covers, lids, and other lift systems that need sufficient support. But when they fail, a dangerous condition can exist, leading to safety issues or even injuries. At Lift Supports Depot, we strive to bring you top-brand lift supports and the accessories you need, such as gas strut connectors so you can easily fix and replace a failed unit and restore the application to its original condition.

Quality Hardware Products for Your Lift Support Needs

Find the support connectors you need that work best for your lift support application at our online store. Whether you need ball sockets, clevis end fittings, or eyelets for your gas strut replacement needs, look no further than our selection of support connectors. When you shop at Lift Support Depot, you can be sure of finding each and every part you need in our extensive inventory of lift supports and accessories.

With over 6000 products to choose from and over 15 years building our vast database of lift support systems, you can shop at our online store with confidence. Order the gas strut connectors you need by searching by part number, size, and other specifications.

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Whether you want metal cap ball sockets, claw ball sockets, standard ball sockets, stainless steel band ball sockets or other types of ball and socket connectors, we’re here to help you find what you need. Contact us now to talk to one of our dedicated customer support experts. Shop at Lift Supports Depot and enjoy a Limited Lifetime Warranty for most of our products.

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