How to Install Hood Lift Supports

The Importance of Good Lift Supports

Most people don’t think about how to install hood lift supports until it’s too late. Hood lift supports are hidden from view and can slip off the radar of even the most detail-oriented vehicle owner. Luckily, lift supports are one car repair that can easily be done in the safety of your own home. Hood lift supports are easy to swap in and out –– and you can get a great deal on the right lift supports for your car at our online store.

Basic Hood Lift Supports Removal & Installation

Before we dive too deeply into how to install hood lift supports, you’ll first need to remove the existing hood lift supports. Though you may have never thought about how to remove hood lift supports before, you’ll find it’s fairly intuitive once you give it a try.

  1. The first step is to prop up the trunk or any other door that’s necessary to ensure that it doesn’t collapse on your head. You may need to enlist the help of a friend to hold the hood up to ensure everything’s all clear.

  2. Use a flathead screwdriver or other flat object to pry off the lift support retaining clips and remove the hood lift (otherwise known as the gas strut).

  3. With the hood lift removed, you should see a fastener which connects the hood lift to the body of the vehicle. Using the appropriate ratchet and socket pairing you can pull the ball of the strut off the joint and remove the strut completely from the car.

  4. Now that the old strut is removed you can put the new strut in and attach the new lift support to the car. But don’t tighten it down yet.

  5. Next, use your fingers to create pressure on the ball joint of the lift support to snap it onto the top ball joint of the vehicle.

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