Acura Struts

Acura Gas Strut Replacement

Acura vehicles are prized for their sleek looks and sharp, reliable performance. As a luxury vehicle, Acura arrives from the automaker with many superior performance parts already installed. However, not all of the components may meet your wants and needs.

If your vehicle’s gas struts that facilitate the movement of its liftgates — such as the hood and the hatchback — don’t offer the smooth operation and/or range of motion you require, our Acura gas strut replacement options can provide the strut performance that you need.

Made for Different Acura Models

Also called “liftgate supports”, gas struts contain sealed gas that provides pressurized, mechanical resistance to allow liftgates to open smoothly and stay in the open position. Lift Supports Depot supplies Acura lift strut replacements for many Acura models, including:   

  • Acura TL

  • Acura RL

  • Acura MDX

  • Acura NSX

  • Acura CL

  • Acura EL

  • Acura RLX

  • Acura TLX

Our Acura lift strut replacements are perfect for replacing factory-installed struts that have lost their pressure or need a greater range of motion. We carry only premium brands that offer the safe, reliable, smooth operation you need from your liftgates.     

Order Your Acura Gas Struts

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Our selection of Acura gas strut replacements comes from the expertise that we’ve acquired as a strut supplier of over 40 years. When you shop with us, you receive personalized service, a lifetime parts warranty, and the option to order parts not currently in stock. For questions about our Acura gas strut replacements or help with your order, please contact us today.