Helpful hint with 4Runner Liftgate Supports

Jan 21, 2019

4Runner Liftgate Supports - Today I had the pleasure of installing liftgate supports (some call them the hatch, Tailgate or Trunk supports) on a Toyota 4 Runner, we were installing the Strong Arm 6107 supports but this information will be helpful with the Lift Supports Depot PM1030 as well.

After removing the first one the hard way I found that it was easier to remove the top 2 bolts first and then drop the lift support so that it is hanging down by the lower ball stud. This gives you much more room to get a wrench onto the lower ball stud which needs to be replaced (and is provided).

In the event that the lower stud will not come off it is due to the assembly glue that is used by Toyota. Heating it up will loosed it up, but be careful and shield the lower lens for the rear lights that is plastic.

Tools used

12mm wrench for the old ball socket and 4 bolts 7/16 to install the new ball socket