CSPS tool box purchased at Costco

It’s always frustrating when you reach for a tool, and the lid to your toolbox won’t open easily or stay open properly. If you purchased a CSPS tool box from Costco and need to replace or upgrade the lift supports, we have the best replacement parts to help you do that.

This application is a tool box lid (17.5"x41.5"x2.5" stainless steel) on a CSPS tool box in stainless steel purchased at Costco. The original CSPS lift support is disconnected, and next to (below in the picture) the installed replacement for comparison. The replacement part number is SX140P15-W. You will need two lift supports to replace the original parts on this CSPS toolbox lid. Replacing the lift supports for your CSPS tool chest can be straightforward when you have the right parts.

two lift supports next to a business card and paperwork

a large stainless steel CSPS tool box

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