How to install Subaru SVX Hood Lift Supports

Before starting we suggest that you take a close up picture of how the bracket is mounted.  It may come in handy later.
On the lift support shaft end using a drill bit 3/16" or 13/64" and drill into the existing rivet.  Drill only a small amount until the head of the rivet starts  to come apart from the body.

Make note of the side that the old rivet and place the new ball stud so that it is pointing in the correct direction.  Attach the nut to the ball stud and tighten.

On the Body side there is a new ball stud provided, you will need to remove the existing ball stud from the vehicle and then insert the new one.

Align the new support to the new ball studs. Make sure that the orientation is such that the shaft attaches to the lower bracket. Gently push the lift support ball socket ends over the new ball studs. Once on give a slight outward tug to make sure that the support is securely attached to the vehicle.

That's it, now time to close the hood and take your Subaru SVX out for a ride.

Please let me know how we can make these directions easier or better, your comments are greatly appreciated.