How to replace a U Band Headed Lift Support?

  • Always wear Safety Glasses for eye protection.
  • Use Safety stands when ever a procedure requires you under the vehicle or supports. For the best and easiest results have someone hold the device open for you so that they can raise or lower it as needed.
  • Before removing the old lift support, inspect the end connections and compare them to the units on your vehicle to make sure that they are the same. Also inspect the overall length fully extended to insure you have the correct units
  • Remove the old support from the vehicle by placing a small flat headed screw driver under the U shaped band on the ends of the support. Slowly lift up on the band, and pull the support away from the vehicle and it will release. Be careful as not to pull the U band off all of the way or it will go flying and could hurt you or someone nearby.

For the Nylon end type support type ( this has a black shaped U Band)

  • To install the new supports install the shaft end first, (this is the skinny end).  Gently place the ball socket over top the ball stud and the give it a good push till it locks on over the ball stud.  Then you will need to grasp the body of the support (the thick steel cylinder) and turn it clockwise one full turn to release the cylinder.  Then turn till the ball socket is on top of the ball stud.  Again gently push it onto the ball stud.  Once both ends are on the ball studs give a gentle tug to make sure that they are securely attached to the vehicle. There is no need to use any tools when installing onto the ball stud, just push gently.


For other types of end fittings please contact us for installation information, or go to our web site

  • Lift Supports need to be installed fully extended. To compress a lift support you need leverage, and in most cases you just can't compress them unless they are on the vehicle.If you have the trunk or hatch all of the way open and both old supports are unbolted and the support will not fit then it is possibly the wrong one. Let us know, we're here to solve your problems not create additional ones like bent hinges.
  • For more installation tip go to our web site and click  on Installation tips for help.  Many vehicles are listed Such as the Nissan 350Z, and Toyota Celica which have a few tricks that are needed to install them.