Installing LS400 Hood Lift Supports

Installing your hood lift supports- You need  2 people to do the installation, 1 to hold the hood open, the other to remove the support.

The ball stud is permanently attached to the support (new ones are inside the package). Unscrew the threaded ball stud that is attaching the support to the car, best to do the one on the hood first and the body second.  If the studs do not want to come off the car you may need to add some penetrating oil.

Note to make sure you are installing the support in the same direction as the old ones.  Do one at a time for best results.

Screw in the new ball studs that are provided.

Placing the ball socket end of the support over the new ball stud and give a gentle push.  This should lock it onto the ball stud.  Give a gentle pull to make sure that it is on the ball stud all of the way.

Hopefully this will be helpful, please send us any details that you think we may have missed.

This apply to the Strong Arm Supports 63014201, and 6317.