Installing Pontiac G6 Convertible Trunk Supports

Just got the Pontiac G6 convertible trunk lifts installed, and these are fantastic. I've put together my install notes for future customers:
-For better access to the driver's side trunk lift, unscrew the radio antenna and set aside.

-Don't worry, the replacement lifts have clips that are much easier to install than the factory clips are to remove (which was best done using a
tiny, flat-head screwdriver with a long shaft and some patience).

-It is definitely difficult to pop the forward ball joints onto the mounting studs because of the tight clearance around the hinges (see attached photo), but it doesn't hurt to use something flat and solid for leverage (such as a steel file wrapped in a shop towel to protect your car).

-The replacement lifts are secured with small pins that swivel into place after being threaded through two holes in each ball joint. Again, because of the tight clearances in this area, a pair of needle-nose pliers is very handy for grasping the pins as you thread them and push into lace.

-Finally, be aware that these lifts come pre-treated with a lovely red grease that scared the ..... out of me when I withdrew my arms from the tight, metal hinge works and saw my fingers and wrists running crimson. No bandages needed though. Shop towel cleans it up nicely.