I have a NX Series Nissan 1991 to 1993 NX100, NX1600 NX2000, Also the 1970 to 1973 Nissan 240Z and the support you sent is missing the bracket, how do I install this. Part number 4510

This design is no longer available and the supports that we provide do not require the use of the bracket any longer. With our units we supply 2 new ball studs, one for your ball studded end, and the other goes into the 1st bolt hole where the bracket mounted and the lift support attaches to the new ball stud. 

 Installation Instructions:

A. Have an assistant support the hatch securely at all times.
B. Your new lift support is designed for easy installation and does not require the use of the brackets.
C. Unbolt the bracket from the car body and unscrew the ball stud from the hatch to remove the old support. NOTE: both lift supports MUST be removed before proceeding.
D. Install the small thread ball stud in the car body in the hole farthest from the hinge. Re-install an original bolt in the other hole to prevent water entry into the vehicle.
E. Install the remaining ball stud in the hatch.
F. Snap the lift support on the ball stud in the same orientation as the old unit.