8mm Metal Ball Stud Mounting Hardware

Before you replace the lift supports of your car, SUV, or truck, have you checked to see whether you need new end fittings? Original factory connectors are prone to rust, and they should always be replaced when you purchase new lift struts. At Lift Supports Depot, we offer a wide selection of 8mm ball studs to ensure you achieve the right connection between the lift support and the vehicle. New metal ball studs will ensure your lift supports and gas springs are functioning at optimal performance.

Find the Perfect Fit

It can be confusing to determine which size or type of mounting hardware you need based on your vehicle. Fortunately, we’ve made the process simple so that you can easily find what you need. Enter your year, make, model and trim, and our system will give you the exact accessories you need for your car.

Replacing your lift support accessories is incredibly easy. Mount your gas spring in any position. Attach the ball socket end fitting onto our 8mm ball stud. Then mount your strut directly into a car hood, trunk, or hatch.

Premium Quality Lift Support Accessories

Lift Supports Depot is your source for lift supports, gas springs, struts, and accessories for your next DIY car repair. With over 40 years of experience, our highly-trained technicians can help you find the exact parts you need. If you have questions about our 8mm ball studs or need help placing an order, contact us at (866) 969-5438 and one of our team members will be delighted to help you.

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