How Do Gas Springs Work? (A Brief Explanation)

How Do Gas Springs Work? (A Brief Explanation)

Aug 17, 2022

an up-close image of a gas spring and its components.

Have you ever pondered the question: “how do gas struts work?” How can a small metal cylinder with gas inside, create enough force to lift heavy objects?

In this blog post, we will discuss the basics of how gas springs work and how they are used in lift supports and gas struts. Plus some other applications.

The Basics of Gas Spring Design

Gas springs are pressurized cylinders that contain nitrogen-based gas and oil. The high pressure inside the cylinder forces the piston rod out of the cylinder. This extension force is counteracted by a spring or other mechanism and can be used to support or assist in the movement of objects. The pressure inside the gas spring is generated by a valve that controls the flow of gas into and out of the cylinder. This is mainly how a gas spring works.

The pressure in a gas spring can range from 29 to 241 psi (pounds per square inch). This high pressure creates a strong extension force, which is why gas springs are often used in applications where they need to support heavy objects.

The Science Behind How Gas Springs Work

The ingenuity of gas springs lies in their application of Pascal's principle. This principle states that when pressure is applied to any part of a confined fluid, it is transmitted undiminished throughout the fluid.

In the case of a gas spring, when you apply force to compress it, the nitrogen gas inside gets pressurized. This pressure is then released in a controlled manner to extend the spring and lift the load.

How Gas Springs Are Used

Now that we know the basics of how gas springs work let's take a look at some of the different ways they can be used. One common application for gas springs is in lift supports. Lift supports are used to assist in the opening and closing of heavy doors, hatches, lids, and hoods. Non-automotive lift supports like Yakima box parts can also be used for lawnmowers, tool boxes, and attic doors. You may even find gas springs in office furniture, such as desks and file cabinets, to make it easier to open and close the drawers.

Gas springs can also be found in other furniture like hospital beds and chairs. They are often used in medical applications because of how effectively the gas spring works, as well as how easily it can be adjusted to provide the exact amount of support needed.

Gas struts, which are similar to gas springs, are used in vehicles to hold open the hood or trunk. This allows you to have access to the engine or storage area without the worry of the heavy lid closing on you.

Safety Precautions with Gas Springs

While gas springs are generally safe to use, it's vital to handle them with care and respect their power. Always follow the manufacturer's guidelines, avoid exposing them to high temperatures, and do not attempt to open a gas spring, as doing so can lead to a dangerous release of the high-pressure gas.

How Do Gas Springs Compare to Other Lift Support Technologies?

Gas springs are a popular choice for lift supports because they are relatively inexpensive and easy to use. They are also low maintenance since there is no need to lubricate them. Because of how they work, gas springs and struts can last for many years with proper care and usage.

One downside of gas springs is how they require a certain amount of space to work and extend fully. This means they may not be the best choice for applications where space is limited.

Overall, gas springs are a great choice for many lifting and support applications. They are durable, low maintenance, and relatively cheap. Whether you’re using Honda lift supports, Toyota struts, or simply a chair with gas springs, just be sure to use them safely and according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Final Thoughts: How Do Gas Springs Work?

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